Inhibition of Cellular Aging Becomes a Clinical Reality

By Erik Goldman

Cellular longevity is governed by the length of telomeres, the DNA caps on the ends of chromosomes. Telomere length, in turn, is regulated by an enzyme called telomerase. When telomerase activity is high, so is telomere length, and this delays cellular senescence. The discoverers of this principle won a Nobel Prize for Physiology & Medicine […]

Are Private Practice Doctors an Endangered Species?

By Erik Goldman

According to the blue-suited stats-meisters who work at Accenture Health, less than one-third of all physicians will be in private practice by the year 2013. The management consulting company’s new report entitled, Clinical Transformation: Dramatic Changes as Physician Employment Grows, documents the steep rise in the number of doctors bailing out of private practice and […]

Experts Will Gather in NYC to Explore Micronutrients in Mental Health

By August West

Clinicians and researchers from across the globe will gather at the New York Academy of Medicine this Fall, for the 2nd International Micronutrients in Mental Health Conference, sponsored by the International Association for Micronutrients in Mental Health. The program will explore the vital role of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and essential fatty acids in mental […]

Holistic Primary Care Workshop a Success at SupplySideEast!

By August West

Holistic Primary Care’s editor, Erik Goldman, was the featured speaker in a special workshop entitled: Health Practitioners and Supplements: Channel Data, Strategies and Opportunities for Growth at  SupplySideEast, the nation’s premier natural product ingredients trade show, held May 2-4, at the Meadowlands Convention Center, Secaucus, NJ.  The workshop, attended by a sell-out crowd of industry […]

HPC is First Media Sponsor of “The Run”

By Erik Goldman

Holistic Primary Care is proud to become the first media sponsor of The Run, a nationwide effort to raise awareness about the importance of natural medicine, individual empowerment, and freedom of choice in the future of American Health Care. On July 17, Dr. Dennis Godby, a Sacramento, CA, naturopath, along with his sons Isaiah & […]

Organic Farmers Call on Fed to Stop GMO Spread

By Erik Goldman

The Organic Farming Research Foundation is calling on the federal government to institute policies and practices to stop the unintentional contamination of organic farms by genetically engineered plants. Windborne pollen and seeds from genetically modified species grown on conventional farms can easily travel onto organically farmed land, contaminating the organic crops and making it difficult […]

New Survey Data Highlight Convergence of Conventional & Holistic Medicine

By August West / Contributing Writer - Vol. 11, No. 4. , 2010

Data from Holistic Primary Care’s first annual survey of primary care physicians reveal that some very positive changes are going on in the trenches of clinical practice these days. A lot more physicians are turning toward holistic approaches, with nutrition taking a much more prominent place in day-to-day practice. It seems that the “integration” we’ve been hearing so much about is really happening!

Nutritional Medicine A Textbook by Alan R. Gaby, MD

By Erik Goldman - Vol. 11, No. 4. , 2011

Written for busy practitioners who need reliable but clinically-relevant information to guide patient care, Dr. Alan Gaby’s new, Nutritional Medicine, extensive combines literature reviews, case reports, thorough background material and a lifetime of clinical experience. Here are a few excerpts from this landmark textbook.