Gawande to Head Amazon Healthcare Initiative

By Erik Goldman

Amazon, together with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase, has named Atul Gawande as the CEO of its new joint venture in employee healthcare. Since December, when the three companies announced a plan to do “something” in healthcare, the medical world has been abuzz with speculation, adulation, and nay-saying about what this trinity of Fortune 500 […]

doTERRA, the Essential Oil Titan, Launches Healthcare System

By Erik Goldman, Editor

doTERRA, one of the world’s leading marketers of botanical essential oils for healthcare uses, is launching a healthcare system. Guided by a bold vision of transforming American healthcare, the company is planning a nationwide network of integrative medical clinics wholly owned and overseen by doTERRA, that would operate on a membership or concierge-style model, in […]

Feeding the “Multivore” Family

By Ellen Kanner, Contributing Writer

The New Year brings a post-holiday parade of patients streaming into your office resolving to eat healthier (maybe after a little urging from you). It’s among everyone’s top New Year’s resolutions. But by the early Spring, many grow discouraged as they find that they are unable to uphold their resolutions. The reality is that major […]

Honoring “Father Nature” Jim Duke

By Erik Goldman

In the world of botanical medicine, Jim Duke, PhD, stood like a mighty Redwood tree: bridging earth and sky, creating a vast ecosystem around him, and casting a long shadow. One of the nation’s foremost ethnobotanists, Duke has played a central and pioneering role in the establishment of modern herbal medicine as we know it […]

Fig Extract Tempers Blood Sugar Surges

By Erik Goldman, Editor

A standardized extract of figs—a fruit rich in a compound called abscisic acid (ABA)—can attenuate blood glucose surges following consumption of sugar-containing foods or beverages.

New Amendment to Hippocratic Oath Stresses Physician Self-Care

By Erik Goldman

It’s been a while since the 2500 year-old Hippocratic Oath underwent a major revision. The last one was in 1964. But earlier this month, the World Medical Association voted unanimously to amend the venerable declaration to include a statement underscoring the need for physicians to take care of their own health with the same acumen […]

Another Alzheimer’s Drug Hits the Rocks

By Erik Goldman

Pharmaceutical fixes for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are proving very hard to find. The latest drug failure–Axovant Sciences’ once-daily intepirdine–dashes hope in an entire mechanism once thoguht to be important for attenuating dementia.