How Transformative Tech & Renegade Retail Will Reform Healthcare

By Erik Goldman

Forward ScannerThe next wave of healthcare reform won’t be coming from the federal government. Nor will it emerge from the policy think tanks, the insurance industry, the hospital systems, or medical academia.

In fact, the driving forces already reshaping healthcare aren’t coming from within healthcare at all. The transformative heat and pressure are from the world’s biggest tech and finance companies on one side, and from good old-fashioned grass-roots consumerism on the other.

Simply put, the corporate world is as fed up with the healthcare status quo as are ordinary families. And from both sides, that frustration is leading to the development of new care models that, in some cases, leapfrog over existing systems.

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Hemp & CBD: Evidence, Evangelism & Extreme Exuberance

Written by Erik Goldman, Editor

If you are confused about the therapeutic value of hemp oil, cannabidiol (CBD), and other cannabis-related substances, and you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what’s legal and what’s not, that’s good: It means you’re paying attention.  Yes, there is some evidence, but there's also a lot of evangelism. Clinicians face the challenge of separating the scientific realities from the hype. 

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HPC Video

Joe Pizzorno - The Toxin Solution

Written by Meg Sinclair

For decades, Dr. Pizzorno has been at the forefront of a movement to build bridges between naturopathic, functional, and mainstream medicine. In recent years, his attention has been focused on the myriad ways that environmental toxins are damaging personal and public health, and on developing practical strategies to help people reduce their toxic loads.

His recent book, The Toxin Solution, presents a harrowing picture yet offers good clinical guidance on how to manage the onslaught. Consider the following:

•    94% of Americans are exposed to enough polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to double their lifetime risk of asthma.
•    60% of US women carry loads of PCB187 sufficient to double their risk of breast cancer.
•    33% of Americans have lead levels high enough to double the risk of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).
•    25% are exposed to enough aluminum to double Alzheimer’s risk.

Holistic Primary Care had the honor of hosting Dr. Pizzorno at our 2017 Practitioner Channel Forum. He shared his research on the role of common toxins in chronic disease and his field-tested therapeutic strategies. Watch the full-length session from HPC’s video archive:

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