Crisis? What Crisis? Health Insurance CEOs Continue to Earn Big

By Erik Goldman

Millions of Americans lost their jobs and their health care access in 2009. Hundreds of primary care physicians closed up shop or selling to hospital systems and mega-clinics. The nation continued to get fatter, sicker, and more drug-addled. And the Masters of the Health Care Universe continued to pay themselves richly. Very richly. Find out […]

NY Times Spotlights Dr. Gordon’s Healing Work in Gaza & Israel

By Erik Goldman

HPC would like to commend our friend, Dr. Jim Gordon, and his team at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine for the deep healing work they are doing in Gaza and in Israel. For much of the last decade, Dr. Gordon and colleagues have been working in conflict-ravaged places teaching mind-body skills that can help people […]

Ten Years at the Crossroad: Reflections on Holistic Primary Care’s First Decade

By Erik Goldman

From our vantage point at the crossroad where conventional and holistic/integrative medicine converge, we’ve witnessed tremendous creativity and innovation over the last ten years, as well as a fair bit of turbulence and struggle. This is all characteristic of the emergence of….dare I say it? A new paradigm. It’s an overused word, but it fits, […]

Reducing Pesticide Exposure Should be a Medical Priority

By Erik Goldman

It is really important to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in our diets, and to encourage our patients to do likewise. Unfortunately, though, we need to be mindful of the toxins that contaminate even the healthiest of foods. Pesticides & fungicides have become ubiquitous in our environment. Crops these days are heavily sprayed […]

Study Says Overuse Threatens Gains From Modified Crops

By Andrew Pollack | NY Times

Genetically engineered crops have provided “substantial” environmental and economic benefits to American farmers, but overuse of the technology is threatening to erode the gains, a national science advisory organization said Tuesday in a report. The report is described as the first comprehensive assessment of the impact of genetically modified crops on American farmers, who have […]

North Carolina Family Physicians Inaugurate Holistic President

By Staff Writer - Vol. 11, No. 1. , 2010

The North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians recently inaugurated R.W. “Chip” Watkins, MD, MPH, a holistic & functional medicine practitioner, as the organization’s president. Dr. Watkins is among the first holistic doctors to win a leadership position in a mainstream state medical organization.

Fed Stimulus Offer Carrots to Doctors Going Digital, but HITECH Wields Sticks

By Janet Gulland | Contributing Writer - Vol. 11, No. 1. , 2010

The federal stimulus package has put a lot of money on the table to encourage doctors to embrace electronic medical records – as much as $44,000 per practice. But new and more restrictive security regulations could be a major buzz-kill.

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Going Against the Grain

By Administrator

Internally, your body houses an ecosystem that contains more microbes than human cells. This is normal, or at least common. You don’t express disease from these “germs” as long as their numbers are kept in check. But if they are given an environmental edge, they will overgrow and cause disease. Acne, for instance, is caused […]

Health Care Reform Debates Reveal Sickness in Our Body Politic

By Administrator

Like a rampant autoimmune disorder, there’s a pernicious process at work in our nation’s social “tissues,” and it’s causing a lot of damage. The symptoms were readily apparent during the health care reform debates. I’m not talking about the reform plan itself. For the record, I’m not a fan of the Obama administration’s proposal or […]

Rules Worth Following, for Everyone’s Sake

By Jane E. Brody | From

In the more than four decades that I have been reading and writing about the findings of nutritional science, I have come across nothing more intelligent, sensible and simple to follow than the 64 principles outlined in a slender, easy-to-digest new book called “Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual,” by Michael Pollan. Mr. Pollan is not […]