Death and Toxins: Tackling the Main Driver of Chronic Disease

By Erik Goldman, Editor in Chief

If Ben Franklin were alive today, his famous aphorism would likely read, “Nothing can be said to be certain, except death and toxins.” It’s no overstatement to say we are wallowing in new-to-nature toxic chemicals that have considerable power to disrupt our physiology. In his new book, The Toxin Solution, naturopathic pioneer Dr. Joe Pizzorno, outlines the daunting scope of the problem, and offers practical strategies for response.

Lead Astray: Environmental Toxins Threaten Community Health Nationwide

By Isaac Eliaz, MD, Contributing Writer

The toxic drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan, recently put the danger of lead contamination in the national spotlight. While the situation in Flint was arguably the most dramatic and egregious example of careless and negligent environmental policy, it is by no means the only one. Not by a long shot. And the fallout is showing up in clinics all over the country.

Labeling Advocates Vow To Fight GMO “DARK” Act

By Erik Goldman, Editor in Chief

Late in July, President Obama signed a nationwide GMO disclosure law that critics say does just the opposite. GMO labeling advocates, as well as the attorney general from Vermont–the only state to fully implement a true GMO labeling requirement–have vowed to fight it.

New Urine Test Detects Roundup Residue

By Kristen Schepker, Assistant Editor

First marketed as a commercial product in the mid-1970s, glyphosate now has the dubious honor of being the most widely sprayed synthetic herbicide in agricultural history. For years, prevailing scientific consensus was that this weed killer was harmless — but increasing reports of toxicity associated with glyphosate exposure suggest otherwise. Recently, the Kansas-based Great Plains Laboratory (GPL) introduced a new urine test that allows for more accurate assessment of an individual’s glyphosate exposure.

Antioxidants Attenuate Potential Risks of EMF Exposure

By Isaac Eliaz, MD, Contributing Writer

The dramatic increase in the use of mobile phones, wireless networks, and smart devices around the world in the past decade has fueled concerns about the potential of electromagnetic fields (EMF) to adversely influence human physiology. Fortunately, a wide variety of foods, herbs, and botanicals can provide antioxidant support to attenuate the potential oxidative stress caused by EMFs.

Zika, Climate Change, and the Need for Planetary Stewardship

By William B. Miller, Jr, MD

Zika is all over the news these days, despite the fact that there have not yet been any locally transmitted cases in the US. Some people argue that the threat is overblown. Yet, Zika is rightfully making headlines. Its greater significance extends beyond any current spread.

Glyphosate: A Root Cause of Chronic Inflammation?

By Zach Bush, MD, Contributing Writer

Glyphosate, the herbicidal compound in Roundup, is dumped on us at the rate of 300 million pounds per year, almost one pound for every person in the US. In the intestines, glyphosate is a profound zonulin stimulator. It damages the epithelial tight junctions on contact, weakening the intestinal barrier function, and fueling chronic inflammation.

Eat Bugs, Improve Health, Save the Planet, Says UN

By Kristen Schepker | Assistant Editor

Scientists project that by 2050, the world’s population will reach a staggering 9 billion people. Our growing presence will undoubtedly impact the health of the planet in untold ways, raising significant questions regarding land use, agricultural production, and food security.