Credit Rating Auditor Gets Into Meds Compliance Game

By Erik Goldman

In a move that clearly underscores the degree to which financial and actuarial imperatives influence American health care, FICO– the nation’s leading credit rating arbiters–announced earlier this summer that the company is developing a new line of business in monitoring and rating consumers’ compliance with prescriptions.

Why Clinicians Don’t “Rx” Exercise, Why They Should & How They Can!

By By August West

Exercise reduces risk for most chronic diseases, improves health in those with longstanding conditions, and when done properly, has no adverse effects. It’s powerful medicine. So why aren’t more doctors “prescribing” it? “Doctors give general recommendations—walk, stretch, take a yoga class, things like that. But they typically don’t make specific referrals. People are left on […]

Set Out Runnin’….Dr. Godby & Crew Head East

By Erik Goldman

“The Run” is in full-swing! On July 17, Dr. Dennis Godby, his sons Isaiah and Jeremiah, and his nephew, Jonas, left San Francisco to the cheers & encouragement of many in the holistic & natural medicine community. Their goal? Run across the continental United States and raise awareness about the role naturopathic/holistic medicine can play […]

In Memoriam: Konrad Kail, ND, 1949-2011

By Erik Goldman - Vol. 12, No. 3. , 2011

The naturopathic community lost one of its leading lights earlier this week, with the passing of Dr. Konrad Kail on Monday morning, July 18, at his home near Phoenix, AZ. Widely loved for his clinical acumen, wry wit, and can-do spirit, Dr. Kail was among the pioneers of modern naturopathic medicine, helping to formalize, codify, […]

They Don’t Call it “Brain Food” for Nothin’!

By August West - Vol. 12, No. 3. , 2011

People who eat the most fish and have the highest levels of omega-3 fatty acids and other polyunsaturated fats in their diets have the lowest risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other late-in-life dementias, according to a recently published systematic review.

Are Organic Vegetables Really Responsible for Europe’s Deadly E. Coli Outbreak? Probably Not!

By Erik Goldman

Shortly after consumers in Europe started dying from a virulent and drug-resistant form of E. coli, the worldwide media began broadcasting the provisional conclusion from European health authorities that organic produce was to blame. Evidence for that conclusion–which as prompted reactive consumers to avoid organically grown fruits and vegetables–is flimsy at best, and there are […]